6 things to do with children in Rota

Well known what traveling with children is. And I don't mean the effort, fatigue, the scolding, calling attention, discussions, etc. but the eagerness to discover a new place. The magic of the sea that goes up and down continuously and relentlessly, the surprise of the sand when you step for the first time – in principle we do not know if it is received as a feeling pleasant or rather close to the annoyance and discomfort-, emotion can float in the water and see fish run to no place.

Definitely, to waking up in the morning with the spirit that you had when you were a child, living life with enthusiasm and excitement. It is why, so we want to guide you in all the activities and secrets that together your children can enjoy in this wonderful place, Rota.


At the end of the promenade in the Virgen del Mar area, begins the wooden footbridge which through a natural pine forest and next to the dunes of the beach we will be guided by this wonderful route. More or less in the middle of the tour, we see the Botanical Garden. Small garden where you’will find vegetation from different continents as well as being shy and enigmatic Chameleon refuge.

Tip – If going at the time of the sunset will enjoy the wonderful singing of a large family
of frogs.

Continuing along the walkway or by the beach (as you prefer) already passed the hotel start Los Corrales. These can only be seen with low tide. They are preserved from the Arab period. Many stones together with each other, creating a wonderful natural swimming pools, which allowed fishermen to catch the fish that are trapped and children use to catch krill then returning to the Sea (since it is forbidden to gathering shellfish). By the way, go well footwear since the rocks can produce cuts on the soles of the feet.

Meanwhile the parents can enjoy with fantastic massages in the back because climbing back the tide creates small waterfalls.

It really is a wonderful and educational path where kids will learn about our habitat and enjoy nature.


Walking or cycling this tour of a former railroad which transported wine, and connected Rota with Chipiona and Sanlúcar is a pleasant walk.

It will walk alongside traditional Rota fields (known as Mayeterias) false acacias, wild fennel, small forests of eucalyptus in the company of sparrows, crested larks, seagulls, rabbits, etc… You decide the end point, Costa Ballena, Chipiona or Sanlúcar (by bike).


Discover the Mayeteria.

The Rota vegetable garden has always been the first and richest to reach markets given the peculiar terrain in which it was located, extremely Sandy. It is an authentic country Museum, where teach us how hard that is and has been life in the countryside. Decorated with a typical house Mayeta (farmer life) with all their belongings, orchards, animal stables, native plants and if luck there is a chameleon, you will learn how the farmer life is. Visits are arranged at the tourist office.

You will have a fun and interesting time in family.

Find Intervenciones

Rota intervencions is a shameless and clandestine project carried out by a group of artists roteños flooding the streets of works of art, each one with a different symbology. Creation, critique, claim, are United in this project. Children enjoy a lot looking for and trying to identify them at the same time developing their more creative side. From the tourist office you can hire route. The contribution is completely voluntary and the collective uses the proceeds to continue to surprise us with new interventions.

Visit theatrical Moon Castle

Accompanied D. Rodrigo Ponce de León , both children and adults can enjoy this original and unique way of delving into the cultural history of rattan, visiting this impressive fortress from the 12th century. The wealthy family Ponce de Leon used the Castle as a residence and the Catholic Kings stayed in it when they visited the town. Heis currently the seat of the Town Hall and a symbol in the city. It can be visitedweekends and in a unique way: theatrical group Bombastic Theatre. A way different, educational and fun get to know the history of the Castle and the characters that lived
on it, as the powerful Duke Don Rodrigo Ponce de León or Bartolomé Pérez, the intrepid sailor who accompanied Cristobal Colón on his second voyage to the new world.

In the tourism office in the castle itself you will inform schedules.


As good coastal town of beautiful beaches and calm waters, in Rota you will find that they do not live with their backs to the sea. It is time for children to learn the secrets of the winds, the flow of the tides and how to become a true sea Wolf. So you can resort to various options, from the “Theresa Zavel sailing school” until the fantastic “surf Club educates” with a wide range of activities that the beach does not become a routine.

On the other hand, if your children are of fresh water or land sailors, also can choose among a wide range of activities such as tennis “Playa de la Luz tenis club”, soccer, golf in costa ballena, board games with the “Asociación O3”, the Association hand craft workshops “Página cero ocio activo”, etc… The tourism office will provide you all the necessary information to do so, and, but all know ask Mr. Google either ask us we will be happy to help you.


If you want to change a bit of aires, we can move from beach to the field in a click and visit the Bucarito. This will leave you with a great taste, not only for the delicious products make, also the farm tour is fantastic and the children enjoy tremendously. Accompanied by Manoli you partake in the work of the farm but not working, rather playing. Along with Juan he will teach you the cheese factory and you will make your own cheese – Yes, Yes, your cheese which will carry you home. In the nursery will meet the baby goats, milking parlor, moms grazing, the fodder factory I think, etc… Also will meet Buhi, the warm and wise Owl Real friend of children as well as Curro a fantastic Hawk which you can fly yourself. Ah… and we cannot forget the pigs, horses, the donkeys, chickens, peacocks, etc… all a farm to learn and enjoy at the same time.

The journey lasts about 4 hours and depending on the activities you want to do has a price and the other. If you call and ask for Yolanda (the owner) she will very kindly inform of schedules and prices.


As a finishing touch to the summer season, Aqualand water park. Located in El Puerto de Santa María to 20 minutes from Rota. There is no more fun for a child who slip through its slides, play in the wave pool, down the Rapids, a long etc… Finally a cool adrenaline rush.

It is open from June to September and if you buy the ticket online has a good discount. Tip – If you can (costs €10) acquire the fast pass, with the same queues at attractions.

Surely leave me a lot of things to do with children in Rota, but if so, in future publications will take note of them. This post is made with all the love in the world and we hope that it will help you.