The best beach bars in Rota


August, begins the month of holiday par excellence. For those who start now your holidays, we want to make this route by the beach best bars of Rota.

Take the towel, the Panamanian, the solar protection and go on!!

The blue flag guarantees an easy accessibility, cleaning, health, safety, salvage, etc… The beach bars in Rota ensure us maximum fun, exquisite taste and the best Sunshine beside the most refreshing waters of the Bay of Cadiz.

To decide on only one of them would be impossible, since each brings a different style. Bathed by crystal clear waters and fine sands same every environment in which they are located give them a different personality.

Rota is a coastal town with a lot of charm, surrounded by endless beaches and that is why we want to show you the best beach bars where to eat, dance, laugh, enjoy and fall in love under the spell of its sunsets.


(De la Costilla Beach)

Located in La Costilla, urban Rota Beach par excellence we have Afrikano. This year celebrate his second season in Rota to surprise us with new fresh fish and plenty of rice. Every week make us dance with concerts and activities.


(C / Écija |) Bajada Playa de Sta. Marta,)

If we keep walking along the La Costilla beach towards Virgen del Mar we found the Galapagos beach bar. In there you can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer since it has great variety of meats, fish and home-made desserts, all surrounded by great atmosphere. Sunday afternoon has live music which you can accompany with delicious cocktails and mixed drinks.


(Av Santiago Guillen Moreno s/n Virgen de Mar Beach)

Already at the end of the promenade at the border with the incredible pine forest, we arrive at the Azúcar de Cuba beach bar. It has a wide and varied menu prepared and very tasty dishes. From Cuban dishes to tuna Tataki. In addition, it is a fantastic meeting point to enjoy evenings where take you one or more delicious Mojitos accompanied by live music. By the way, is the only one where we can enjoy their charms throughout the year.


(Guadalquivir River Street, s/n,)

Walking calmly and already in the middle of the pine forest we find old bunker where Emilio has created this unique and magical beach bar. The best sardines and fish from the Bay are in Las Dunas, as well as special rice’s, all accompanied by a rich wine list and of course fresh beer. Depending on the time that go will find different environments. During the day, families with children dominate the stay while that you will enjoy different atmospheres at night depending on the day of the week that is. Famous are its thematic dinners in which each week merges music and gastronomy. Not forget to mention the extensive portfolio of concerts every week taking place. The sunset with one of their delicious cocktails, I assure you that you won't forget it.


(Next to the beach of Punta Candor)

Without leaving the wonderful and relaxing walk through the pines forest just before the beach of Punta Candor we approach the beach bar called Bhuda Candor. Behind pine trees and the majestic Atlantic Ocean front. Right in the Corrales (old system of fishing Phoenician historical and cultural heritage of the town) this fantastic beach bar is located. The natural
which is attached the culinary delights offered by the Bay makes this a place where to stand in the Sun, without haste and without pause. In the evening, you can accompany offering live music and delicious cocktails.

Now you just have fun, enjoy, relax, and a great etc… of emotions.